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All Your Repair Information for Class 4-8 Trucks 
Delivered in a Single Application

TruckSeries is the only comprehensive repair information software suite of its kind available for Class 4-8 trucks, giving you a one-stop, single log-in, all-makes data resource with scalable wiring diagrams, digital pictures, DTC-to-diagnostics, and so much more, all delivered in seconds. We’ve packaged all of our industry-leading estimating, diagnostic trouble code and repair information for medium and heavy trucks into a single application. So with a single login, TruckSeries delivers the quickest access to all the repair information resources you need to repair trucks accurately and efficiently.

Repair Information

With our exclusive, best-in-class repair information in TractorTrailer (Class 7-8) and MediumTruck (Class 4-7), you’ll find the most complete real-world data for all makes in one place, to help you speed up repairs, increase the number of repairs your techs can do, and keep trucks rolling through your bays. Now you can stop flipping pages, swapping disks or calling a service line. You’ll have complete, automatically updated and enhanced information whenever you want it.

You can choose to activate access to TractorTrailer or MediumTruck separately, or combine your access for the most comprehensive repair information resource available in the industry today.

Wiring Diagrams

Our exclusive full-color, scalable wiring diagrams are the industry’s best – nothing else comes close, or makes troubleshooting so much less troublesome.

VIN Decoding

Eliminate the guesswork that comes from a visual inspection alone – just enter the VIN and year/make/model drops into the right place

Trouble Code Repair Procedures

Go from trouble code to diagnostics in 30 seconds or less, and move right into repair with RepairConnect. Log in, choose your vehicle or enter a VIN, select your DTC and you’ve got complete, comprehensive access to repair information, diagnostics, wiring diagrams, digital photos, component locators, and so much more.


Thousands of digital photos like you’ve never seen before, and no one else has them. Components and locations in vivid color and at high-resolution — nothing gets you closer to real-world examples.

Component Location

Complete component location photos show you where the component is located and identify pin connectors, letting you test and R&I the component in no time.

Connector Views

Authentic connector views with pin-outs are photographed at the source, allowing you to quickly and accurately pinpoint the circuit test and confirm the diagnosis.

Truck Labor Estimating

TruckLabor helps service professionals estimate faster and easier than ever before. You’ll find everything you need to estimate a job in mere seconds, saving time and getting trucks back on the road faster. When you eliminate the guesswork, you work smarter and can write more accurate estimates with confidence

Standardized Labor Times

With TruckLabor, you can increase shop throughput and profits by delivering consistent and accurate estimates to your customers – every time. Also, measure technician productivity to identify areas needing improvement. Once you understand how well your shop is performing, you can take steps to increase velocity.

Estimator Tool

Enhance your customer experience with professionally formatted estimates personalized with your customers’ information. The Estimator Tool also allows you to customize labor rates for different customer types or service operations. Every estimate you write will consistently align with your shop’s business goals and objectives — and improve your bottom line.